7 Ways to Design with Rolling Barn Door Kits

Rolling Barn Door Kit Loft 2 Stainless Steel Track Hardware for Living Room1. Closets – Most closets are either folding doors or swinging doors. In both scenarios, these solutions take up space. It’s no secret, in a closet, space is absolutely necessary. Depending on the location of the closet and the right sliding barn door hardware kit, going the DIY sliding door route can simplify and optimize the closet space.

2. Kitchen Pantries – Putting sliding doors over a kitchen pantry cannot only give you more space, but it can also provide more atmosphere for the theme of perhaps the most essential room in the house.

3. TV Space – For many people the TV space in the living room is a centerpiece. Why not draw more attention with the TV in-wall, and sliding barn doors to compliment the space?

4. Bathroom Doorways – A bathroom barn door can act like a runway between the master bedroom and a master bathroom. Give yourself that royal and luxurious atmosphere your space needs and make it absolutely epic!

5. In-wall bookshelves – Similar to the TV space, bookshelves add a complimentary tone to the room. Protecting your books with sliding barn doors cannot only preserve the life of many books, but it can also adorn the rest of the room where you store them.

6. Archway Between Kitchen and Dining Room – Sliding barn doors between the kitchen and the dining room not only add a staple to the house, but it offers clean separation between the two rooms, and the privacy for the hosts while they prepare for meals.

7. Windows – For many people, curtains and blinds can be frustrating because they don’t really let you control how much light comes through on a 0-100% level. Typically, you always let some light through. They can also be very frustrating if you have pets. Cats in particular like to bend the blinds, or climb up the curtains. Sliding barn doors allow you to block out all the light if you want without any concerns of a pet ruining the condition of them.

Rolling Barn Door Kit also features a full-line of accessories for wood and glass doors to compliment our hardware kits.

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