Barn Door Hardware Is a DIY Installation Project

Rolling Barn Door Kit Reserve Horshoe Design Track Hardware in Black Finish for Reclaimed Wood DoorDIY-ing your very own rolling barn door is easier than you might think. It’s not as simple as, say, chewing, but also for the impact it provides, the do-it yourself is necessary. It can be said to be easy to do for any who is versatile.

For it’s a great way to make a big change in different rooms.


We used a miter saw and our pneumatic stapler for this door. A table saw can also come in handy. You may use as much as seven full pieces in making a barn door. If you need to adjust for the size of your door, it’s best to make the two outer parts of the same kind.

What do I mean by the same? I mean that if you need six inches from your installation of the full board trim, you do not lop off six from one end. You take three off each end. Also, you’ll be able to just buy a board or a size of two down: 1×8 > 1×6 examples. Or 1×8 > 1×4.

Buy: Rolling Barn Door Kit – All the hardware you will need is contained in the kit.

Place: You’ve probably already picked your sweet spot; they can be anywhere great, toilets and laundry corners or cuisines.

Work Space: A large, flat table is your do-it-yourself best friend on a project like this. Trestles with 2x4s and a sheet of 3/4-inch plywood is a good companion as well.

Layout: Determine the width of the opening and the door that you want to cover. Cut the outer edge boards required width as described above.

To compliment our barn door hardware kits, Rolling Barn Door Kit offers knobs, pulls and floor guides that perfectly match our many hardware styles.

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